Fear is the Enemy

3cpaint,com  manufactures a fine paint product, but the hardest thing we do is convince customers inside our stores to.... just pick up a brush and paint.  Damn the mistakes, damn the color, damn the drips or misses.  If you are fearless you will be a better painter . . . yes you will make mistakes . . .damn the mistakes.  Look .. .  the best artists did not paint the Mona Lisa their first time out.  Let's not be afraid to start over.  This is an adventure into the unknown world of color  . . . not a single attempt to cover up a piece of (oak) furniture with "great bones", but instead a "putting of the past" behind us.  Get it?  Fearless pursuit by chalk furniture painters are making the world more colorful, more "today".  Grab the "Brush by the Horns" and dip it in the Chateau Chic Chalk Furniture Paint nearest you.  Beach Cottage Teal or the new Tampa Bay Jade will do.

Transform Transform..... Transform.  Paint Paint .... Paint   Color Color .... Color

Posted on May 2, 2016 .