Painted with something new today

I have finally tried my own company's brush.  This brush is a 90% boar hair brush.  It has 10% filament hairs to keep it stiff but pliable.  Without the use of the filament bristles you would have a brush that would not stand up straight.

I am talking about it today,  because I truly believe I saved a hour of painting on a four hour project.  These brushes hold a lot of paint and they spread the paint better and with more control with the way it is shaped.  I will have a video in the next couple weeks demonstrating how to use this brush effectively.. 

I painted up a storm.  Nine drawers, I painted with Chateau Chic Chalk Furniture Paint color Mint Sea Glass.  And the dresser it's self, Deep Water Gray.  I then wet sanded with my trusty Chateau Chic beveled sanding block.  With the wet sanding block in one hand and a dry cloth in the other I proceeded to let the dresser develop it's own look, like a photo develops over time in a chemical bath, the thinnest covering of paint stared to show through to the underneath raw finish.  Slow and light sanding let the piece develop it's final look organically.  After, I roughed out the edges a little to a bare wood finish.  As it dried over the next 20 minutes,  I ponder the wax I would use.  I chose a dark oak wax that leaves itself behind in grooves and crevices.  It works by aging the piece and gives it another layer of depth.

As I waxed, I would take off the wax at different points very deliberately,  Leaving more wax and less wax here and there depending on the curve and bend of the dresser.

I can not tell you the joy I received working outside in the sun and shifting breezes.  Standing back from it from time to time to see it in it's entirety, and seeing where I could try to improve the overall appeal. 

This dresser had everything going for it, the lines the legs, the size and it had movement. But, it was dated by it's color.  It only need a new "coat", well it turned into a couple of coats with the wax,  And by using the color trends today present in the  Chateau Chic color palette, I was able turn a garage sale dresser into a sought after piece of beautiful furniture in my wife's store, Chrisy's Cottage. 

I felt like an artist as I put the final touches on it.  Attaching the hardware and making sure the drawers all slipped nicely into their places with the dresser. 

And I did it without ever using these two colors together before.  I experimented and this time the magic , if I can call it that, worked.   If It had not worked I would have had to repaint, but at least I would repaint, knowing I was using the fastest method of painting by using a paint brush that works well and works fast.  Oval boar hair brushes, they save time and cover better.  To all you artists and "will be" artists out there, do not be hesitate to experiment and experience the act of creativity.  Don't be afraid to be messy.  Until next time.

Drawers painted with 3cpaint Mint Sea Glass and dresser body with 3cpaint Deep Water Gray.  Dark Oak wax applied in light and dark variances. 

Drawers painted with 3cpaint Mint Sea Glass and dresser body with 3cpaint Deep Water Gray.  Dark Oak wax applied in light and dark variances. 

Posted on January 18, 2016 .