You'll Never Run Out of Technics!

Caution:  Painting with chalk furniture paint may be addicting. 

Sunday, at the store, while helping two ladies pick out paint, they confessed to their addiction.  Right there as I listened they confessed their addiction to painting with our chalk furniture paint.  They laughed a little nervous laugh as they realized they had told me too much. 

They had painted a small night stand and now they where back to buy more chalk paint.  They wanted to paint a dresser and bed.  I helped them pick out some colors and then they added a few more colors . .  and when I asked if they where going to paint the dresser and bed with 4 colors . . . they let it slip out about their addiction.   The other colors where for still, yet undiscovered projects.  But that was not going to stop them from painting.  They explained to me, they will find pieces that needed painting and it will be there mission to make sure they where painted with Chateau Chic Chalk Furniture Paint. 

They decided to purchase a nice chalk painting brush made from boar hair bristles.  This would let them paint faster.  This was just another clue to what I determined later was a sign they these ladies where "Jonesing" and just needed a chalk furniture paint fix.  I am not proud of this, but I was an enabler that day.  I sent them out the door with 4 colors of paint, 2 waxes, and a large artist brush.  And if that was not bad enough, I signed them up for a chalk furniture painting class.  I just hope they will be okay, living this dangerous life that they lead.


Posted on February 10, 2016 .