Furniture Paint Artist in You

We have been busy at Chateau Chic Chalk
Furniture Paint, and so I have not written for a while but I see more and more signing up for our newsletter so maybe we are inspiring others to go out and find yourself a project to paint if you don't have one ready in the garage or bedroom or sunroom. 

Look for furniture with something going on . . some lines . .  some movement.  Even a great painting needs something happening, something to catch your eye and hold it.  Don't pick up the first distressed piece of furniture you find.  You will know when you see it if you know you are not looking for something that resembles a box.   Curved legs help. . . curves on the bottom or top of the piece. 

My wife, Chrisy, was one of the first to bring the shabby chic look into her store in Az. back in the early 90's.  She taught me the difference between painting just anything and painting something with movement.  I have since walked into 100's of shops with the shabby chic look . . white painted furniture with no design, no movement (there is that word again) that, well looks rather drab compared to Chrisy's look.  Her look was exciting and beautiful.  She looked long and hard for the pieces that mattered.  So that is my advice to you, our reader.

Now take that same idea and add color.  Because now, today the shabby chic look has expanded to include beautiful chalk painted furniture in colors of Vermilion, Azure, Grays, Light Blues and Greens and bright Teals.   You may still choose to distress it or use your darker waxes to add depth and age to a piece,  Layer your new "find" with 2-3 layers of color . .  experiment, test, look too serendipity, visit the edge of your knowledge and go beyond to find new artistry in your "find".  You will learn of that artist inside you only when you test yourself.  Get uncomfortable now with new ideas, so later you can be comfortable in your abilities. Never the do the same technique twice for the first several months of your adventure into "Painted Furniture".  Experiment. . . Trial and Error . . . Artistic Expression . .

A little piece of yourself goes into every new painted piece of furniture you paint.  Keep it fresh . . . Keep it in the movement.

The essence of all beautiful art, all art, is gratitude.Friedrich Nietzsche

The author would love to hear from you, along with photos of your painted furniture or your comments

Posted on December 17, 2015 .