what is chalk paint -

Chalk paint today is no longer the paint that it once was. When it was just used to make a chalk board. Today, although you can still make a chalk board from real chalk furniture paint like Chateau Chic Chalk Furniture Paint (3cpaint.com).  But now, you can make that chalk board in 40 plus colors.  Paint a door and leave notes to your kids or to yourself.  Paint your kitchen end cabinet and use it to keep your "don't forget list".  Paint a board with chalk paint in a color that compliments your decor and put it a pretty frame.  That frame can hang in your kitchen, den or office. 

But chalk furniture paint is much more than that,  It can be your artistic expression layered on a piece of furniture you may had thought no longer fit in your home.   Take another long look at that piece of furniture and imagine it a bright color like Chateau Chic Tangle Green or Beach Cottage Teal.  Or tone it down with Chateau Chic Moonstone or Sea Mist.  Layer colors.  Layer with a base Cloud White and then experiment with Seal Gray in a cross hatch stroke by dry brushing the two colors.  Did it turn out like you had pictured it?  No, maybe. . just maybe it looks better than you could have imagined.  Now, work some wax magic on the paint and then stand back.  Or maybe, just maybe it was not what your intent was.  After all, you where experimenting, and that takes boldly accepting that sometimes, you may need to start over.  That is bound to happen from time to time.  So clean your brush, open a new color and begin again.  After all, experience only comes from experimenting.  Can I repeat that without sounding like I am preaching. "Experience ("knowledge gained by repeated trials") only comes from experimenting".  "Add color to style your furniture."

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

                                                                                                                     Dalai Lama XIV


Posted on November 16, 2015 .