The artist in you.

Chalk Furniture Paint is more than paint.  It is the center of a DIY development that is happening  and there is evidence of this, that a new movement toward DIY is now just entering a much larger market.  It has occupied a niche market in the recent past but is now rapidly finding new adherents.  I don't use the word "adherents", lightly here.  These are fervent DIY doers and shakers of the chalk furniture paint movement.

Painting furniture with a furniture chalk today, is part of that movement, a school of ideas that takes color, texture, layers and styles into another realm of painting and furniture restoration,  producing a finished piece of furniture with a quality not achieved by other means.  Taking the skills of painting furniture further than before.  Sometimes in a rather formal way and others in a more fun structure. 

Experimenting, challenging the painter in you to new ways of looking at a project, is the reason to put these words together and put down on this blog.   Producing a work of art on wood in a three dimensional format. This is accomplished by not  just adding color but also depth to the furniture being painted   In this way, an achievement of new design takes place. 

Become the artist that is pioneering ideas that includes using the fundamentals but also setting new ideas in motion for what you do with color, blending, layering, splashing color, and hiding color behind washes.

Stay tuned for our video blogs.  We are here to bring out the artist in everyone that desires to splash color on wood.  Have a great painting day.

Posted on September 24, 2015 .