We are all Artists

We find it interesting when talking with fellow painters  or when teaching fellow "painters of furniture" that for the vast majority, it is understood that not every project is exactly as you imagined to it be in your "minds eye".  For the new artists of wood,  it is important to understand failure is part of learning.  This is not a new epiphany for most of us, but it is worth being reminded of from time to time. For the experienced painter, this becomes "a chance to start over".  Yes, there may be few four letter words that come flying out into the ether.   But it is understood that this is how many great pieces of furniture art are painted . . . on the backs of bad attempts?

You are an artist.  You may or may not think of yourself as an artist . . . but if you take a blank canvas, in this case a "dresser" and you apply paint and technique and creativity, you may just walk away with a dresser that is a work of art.  You have become an artist, a creator of beauty. And if others find beauty or joy in your "work" you may feel the exhilaration any artist feels in doing something creative.

But this may be the most important thing we wanted to say about painting furniture.  We all need to think of our self's as an artist before we will do our best work.  And doing our best work takes some failing's , bad starts, and losing your way . . . along the way.  We need to stand back and always stay critical of our own work   . . . And we do not want to be afraid to start over.  Because really, the worst case is this . . . you will need to repaint..  Think of it as another opportunity to succeed as a artist.

This blog idea, is aimed at a specific reader.  That reader who is looking to improve their skills as a furniture painter, or purveyor of color on wood. 

You may be painting for yourself or you may be painting for resale.  One thing both artists have in common is the ability to pull satisfaction from a job well done.  One can only hone their painting skills with trial and error.  Starting over again is part of the road traveled, if one is interested in improving, learning, finding new techniques and even serendipity in painting furniture.  You can not be afraid to try new things,  learn from others and stay current with new ideas. 

Classes can be a good way for even an experienced furniture painter to learn new techniques.  Learning from someone else can give us all new perspectives. So don't become that "lone painter".  Get out there and mix it up.  Become that purveyor of color in the world. 




Posted on May 27, 2015 .